Artist Title Album Year
Los Venturas Beach Bunny The Powow Fun Room 2012
Los Venturas Zot Van A The Powow Fun Room 2012
Los Venturas Venturas’ Groove The Powow Fun Room 2012
Los Venturas Surfer’s Mood The Powow Fun Room 2012
Los Venturas On A Market In Beirut The Powow Fun Room 2012
The Boardwalkers Banzai Pipeline Shots In The Dark 1996
The Irradiates Parola 12345678(9) Revenge Of The Plants 2014
The Madeira Dawn in Cadiz Ancient Winds 2015
Els A-Phonics Twister Joe Els A-Phonics and Friends
The TomorrowMen Rack Em Up Futourism 2015

The Vision Forbidden Pleasure Now We Have Colour Television 2011
Hillbilly Soul Surfers Beyond The Reef Hot Damn BoBo!! 1995
Longboards Elimination Insane! 2013
The Blue Hawaiians Quiet Surf Surf Guitar (by the Sharper Image) 2004
Davie Allan and the Arrows Apache Live Run 2000
Les Diables Noirs Surf Board Early Canadian Rockers 1965
Johnny And The Hurricanes Beatnik Fly Red Rivers, Rockin’ Geese and Beatnik Flies 1960
Al Garcia and the Rhythm Kings Tooties Guitar Exotic And Rockin’ Instrumentals 1963
The Original Surfaris Steppin Out Surfari With The Original Surfaris