Artist Title Album Year
The Takeoffs Pressure Blue Avalanche
The Takeoffs Blue Avalanche Blue Avalanche
The Takeoffs Mosquito Bay Blue Avalanche
The Takeoffs Goofy Foot Blue Avalanche
The Takeoffs Colin’s Wave Blue Avalanche

The Phantom Operators Tiki Patrol Internet download (bandcamp.com) 2015
The Charades Max A Go Go … in motion 2001
The Hula Hounds The Wedge Paradiso Release The Hounds 2003
The Concussions Sukiyaki Introducing The Concussions 2004
Cosmonauti Just Surf Bikini Angel 2003

Crazy Aces The Last Song Greatest Hits Volume 2 2012
El Capitan and the Band With No Name Man With No Name Death Of A Tiki 2012
Dick Dale The Beast Unknown Territory 1994
The Deadbeats Hagbelly Day Of The Deadbeats 2011
The Dead Rocks My Nurse Wanna Dance With Me One Million Dollar Surf Band 2008

The Coffin Daggers Something Wicked This Way Comes Monsters From The ID 2011
Duane Eddy Peter Gunn The Best Of Duane Eddy 1998

The Fathoms Dark Secret Fathom This! 2007