Artist Title Album Year
Kill, Baby… Kill! Occupation of the Body Snatchers Corridor X 2013
Kill, Baby… Kill! Meltdown in Sector 9 Corridor X 2013
Martin Cilia Pipeline Surfersaurus 2010
Bobby Arlin with The Hustlers Mushroom Machine (Part 1) Dancehall Stringbusters! Vol. 2 1963
The Carnations Scorpion Dancehall Stringbusters! Vol. 2 1960
The Sentinals Tor-Chula Surf Crazy 1962
Neil Norman War Of The Satellites Surf Crazy
The Tiki Tones Sneaky Tiki Instrumental Fire 1996
Insect Surfers Dorsal Fin Satellite Beach 2004
Insect Surfers Twenty 9 Insect Surfers 1983 – 1985 1983

Jim Waller and the Deltas Surfin’ Wild Surfin’ Wild 1963
The Prodigals Tsunami Surfin’ The Spillway 1996
The Invisible Rays Fete Fatale Put Your Gun Away 2004
Deke Dickerson and the Trashmen Good News Bringing Back The Trash!
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Triple Threat The Fluid Soundbox 2000
The Space Cossacks The Savage Live Supernova 2016
Spaceguards Rosetta Multivision 2012
Spaceguards Chase Multivision 2012
Paul Johnson Scouse Escape To Reality 1984
Paul Johnson The Magnificat Escape To Reality 1984
Paul Johnson Front Edge of Time Escape To Reality 1984
Paul Johnson Before the Feasttime Escape To Reality 1984

Paul Johnson Kingdom Come Escape To Reality 1984