Artist Title Album Year
The Pinstripes Hot Rod Race Still Kickin’ 2013
Man Or Astro-Man? Space Patrol Your Weight On The Moon 1994
Miles Corbin Quintana Roo Sounds From The Tiki Hut 1999
The Aqua Velvets Femme Fatale “Tiki Beat” 2010
The Aqua Velvets Remember Walking In The Sand Reaching Shangri-La 2008

Larry Carlton Anthem Renegade Gentleman 1993
Eric Johnson Columbia Internet download (youtube.com)
The Del-Vamps Yacky Doo Play With Fire 1997
The Apemen El Tortura 7+ Inches Of Love 2013
Eddie and the Showmen Scratch Squad Car 1963

The Fathoms Dagger Bones Fathom This! 2007
The Halibuts Little Old Ladies Halibut Beach and Gnarly! 2004
Gary Hoey Bula Brain The Best Of Gary Hoey 2004
The Incredible Mr. Smith Guitar Party With Mr. Smith Adventures in the Land of Twang 2007
Insect Surfers Psychotronic Satellite Beach 2004
The Introducers If I Had Wheels Close Ups 2003
Jon and the Nightriders Rev Up! Fiberglass Rocket 1996
Kill, Baby… Kill! Corridor X Corridor X 2013