Artist Title Album Year
The Mystery Men? Order Of The Black Sun Sonos Delirium 2013
The Mystery Men? Dead, Not Sleeping Session Obscura 2011
The Mystery Men? The Glass Men Session Obscura 2011

The Surge! The Savage Garage Sale Surf 2009
The Surge! Tybee Island Sunset Garage Sale Surf 2009
The Surge! Spyda’s Web Garage Sale Surf 2009
The Surge! Let’s Go! Garage Sale Surf 2009

Stratogeezer Love Potion #9 Get Off My Lawn
El Fossil Pride Pinata Pride Pinata 2011
Daikaiju Zombie Harem Phase 2 2010
Kill, Baby...Kill! Hunting for the Dead Corridor X 2013
Kill, Baby...Kill! Turn Your Insides Out Corridor X 2013

The Necronomikids Rocket Man Necronomikids 2009
The Necronomikids Blood Of Kingu Necronomikids 2009
Necronomikids Surf Thrash Assassin Necronomikids 2009
Necronomikids Mazeppa Necronomikids 2009
The Necronomikids Anadolu Oyun Havasi Necronomikids 2009
Aqualads Dangerous Curves Surf! Surf! Surf! 2004
The Intoxicators! Phantom Mustang Journey To The Center Of The Earth