Artist Title Album Year
Daikaiju Za Feijingu Supaidaa Kyoui Phase 2 2010
Squid Vicious Egypt Texas At War With The Whale 2000
Eddie Angel Kawanga Eddie Angel's Guitar Party 1997
Davie Allen and the Arrows Dakota The Arrow Dynamic Sounds Of 1999
The Amino Acids The Lost Coordinate Destroy The Warming Sun! 2004
The Blue Hawaiians Latinia Live at the Lava Lounge 1995

The Dynotones Branded Super Six 2001
The Beloved Invaders Santa Cruz Stomp Tamarindo 2005
The Ventures Walk – Don’t Run Play The Greatest Instrumental Hits, Vol 1 2000
The Space Cossacks Mustang Guitar Ace: Link Wray Tribute 2003

The Razorblades Fasten Seatbelts Get cut by... 2003
The Razorblades Into The Big Blue Get cut by... 2003
The Centurians Surf Bird Bullwinkle Part II 1963
Lombego Surfers Rising Surf Heavy Surf 2003
Dick Dale Del-Tone Rock Surfer's Choice 1962
The Bambi Molesters Pearl Divin' Dumb Loud Hollow Twang DeLuxe 2003

Gil McLean Revenge of the Rickenbackers Various Artists: Off The Deep End 2010
The Wanglers Glass Radio Glass Radio 2003
Roger and the Wraybands TR6 Roger and the Wraybands 2008
Satan’s Pilgrims Let’s Go To The Beach Soul Pilgrim 1995
Shig and the Buzz Lost in the Shadows Double Diamonds Deluxe 2005