Artist Title Album Year
Agent Orange Misirlou Living in Darkness 1981
Agent Orange Out Of Limits Sonic Snake Session 2003
Agent Orange Pipeline Sonic Snake Session 1984
Agent Orange Tiki Ti Attack of the New Killer Surf Guitars 1997
Agent Orange Mr. Moto Living In Darkness 1992

The Shadows Theme From A Filleted Place The Shadows/Out of the Shadows 1961
The Shadows Jet Black Complete Singles: 1959 - 1980 1959
The Shadows The Breeze and I Complete Singles: 1959 - 1980 1963
The Shadows I Met A Girl Complete Singles: 1959 - 1980 1966
The Shadows The Frightened City Complete Singles 1959 – 1980 1961
The Shadows Apache Complete Singles 1959 – 1980 1960
The Shadows Riders In The Sky The Final Tour 2004

The Bambi Molesters Hot Water Pool Dumb Loud Hollow Twang 2003
The Bambi Molesters Avalanche Intensity! 1999
The Bambi Molesters Malaguena Sonic Bullets 2001
The Bitch Boys Banzai Washout Ride The First Wave 2004
Fudge Barbie Girl Beyond The Sea

The Bitch Boys Sandstorm Ride The First Wave 2004
The Bitch Boys Ali Baba Ride The First Wave 2004
Burt Rocket Savage Rocket Various Artists: Off The Deep End 2010
Urban Surf Kings Moguls Continental Magazine #16
The Tiki Tones The Island of Lost Soul Surf Monsters 1998