Artist Title Album Year
The Bel-Airs Mr. Moto Rock Instrumental Classics, Volume 5: Surf 1961
The Boss Martians Trouble On 2 Wheels Move! 2001
Nokie Edwards and Adventure Miss Judy Studio Album 2003
The Messer Chups Fantomasafobia Crazy Price
The Metalunas Venus A-Go-Go Swingin' Planet 2000
The Mobsmen Gridiron Syndicate Scelerats Syndicate 2009
Satan’s Pilgrims Small Craft Advisory Soul Pilgrim 1995

Satan’s Pilgrims Boneshaker Creature Feature 1998
Los Straitjackets Venturing Out Viva! Los Straitjackets 1996
Los Straitjackets My Heart Will Go On The Velvet Touch Of… 1999
The Soda Pop Spys Chupacabra Fiberglass Jungle 1998

The Shadows Nivram The Shadows/Out of the Shadows 1961
The Ventures The Twist The Ventures' Twist Party Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 1962
The Surf Coasters Jaws Break Misirlou: 10th Anniversary Best 2004
The Excelsiors (The Surfites) The Picador The Surfites and Co. 2010
The Torquays Dead Sea Stroll A Date With... 1998

The Vara-Tones Over the Edge Jetty Subject to High Surf 1999
The Busters Bust Out The Birth of Surf Volume 2 1963
The Aqua Velvets Spanish Blue Blazing Longboards 1995
Davie Allan and the Arrows Fast and Loose The Arrow Dynamic Sounds Of 1999
The Urban Surf Kings Born Losers Theme Evil Fuzz 2005