Artist Title Album Year
Laramie Dean Banzai Washout Surf Riot! 2010
The Ghastly Ones Double Agent 73 (who came in from the cold) Target: Draculon 2006
The Intoxicators! Magnolia Swamp I Dreamed The Best Part 2009
The Illuminoids Ingolstadt Nights Secret Society of Surf Guitar 2007
The Impacts Church Key Wipe Out! 1963
The Infrareds Covert and Stateless The Infrareds 1999

Insect Surfers Tiger Shark Satellite Beach 2004
Laika and the Cosmonauts Zunami Surfs You Right 1989
Satan’s Pilgrims Beach Creep Soul Pilgrim 1995
The Shadows Gonzales The Shadows/Out of the Shadows 1961
Los Straitjackets Lurking In The Shadows Viva! Los Straitjackets 1996
The Surfites Fleabag Big Pounder 2007

The Surf Kings Glass Bowls KCR Presents Aztec Beach 2005
The Surf Zombies Hammerhead The Surf Zombies 2007
The Vara-Tones Surf Blaster Jetty Subject to High Surf 1999
The Ventures Runaway Let's Go! 1963
Satan’s Pilgrims Green Peppers Frankenstomp 2015

The Ray Corvair Trio Carl Needs A Pill Attack Of The New Killer Surf Guitars 1997
The Dynotones Hot Line (live 2000-07-08) Celebration of Life 2000
The Daytonas Surfer’s Deal Bikini World! 1997
Teisco Del Rey Pier Pressure Surf Guitar Greats 1997
The Glasgow Tiki Shakers Auld Lang Syne Beyond the Sea