Artist Title Album Year
The Broken Spokes The Duel Raw Deal 2009
The Surge! Walk, Don't Run 12 Track Demo album 2005
The Surge! Bulldog Garage Sale Surf 2009

The Ghastly Ones Without Warning Target: Draculon 2006
The Halibuts The Natives Are Restless Chumming 1993
Hula Hounds Tranquilizer (High Tide) Release the Hounds 2003
Killer Filler Tintarella Di Luna Filler Up! 2007
Insect Surfers Pleasure Point Reverb Sun 1991
The Illuminoids Invisible Hand (Part 2) Secret Society of Surf Guitar 2007

The Impacts Beep Beep Wipe Out! 1963
The Infrareds Red Spyglass The Infrareds 1999
Jon and the Nightriders Joy Ride Fiberglass Rocket 1996

Los Kahunas Hot Line El Fantastico Sonido Surf y Hot Rod de... 2005
Laika and the Cosmonauts Oahu Luau Surfs You Right 1989
The Nebulas Nematode It's Go! Time 2004
The Surfites Ding In My Board Big Pounder
The Surfaris Point Panic Surf Party! 1994