Artist Title Album Year
The Bomboras Monsoon Savage Island!
Big Ray and the Futuras Medula Oblongata (live) Airwaves 1999
Elvis Presley Hound Dog 30 #1 Hits 1956
Sonoramic Commando '68 Escape Happy Motoring 2004
The Meteors Rawhide Anagram Singles Collection
The Del Vamps Roach Coach Play With Fire 1997

The Aqua Velvets Mexican Rooftop Afternoon Surfmania 1995
Aqualads Speedshifter Surf! Surf! Surf! 2004
Jerry Reed Lord, Mr. Ford 1973
The Ditch Diggers Amazing Grace Light and Salvation
The Sentinels Latin'ia Big Surf 1962

Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper Machines Ain't Music The Real Sock Ray Blue!
The Buckrabbits Buckrabbit Beat The Instrumental Hits of 2007
Satan’s Pilgrims Brokendown Deuce Creature Feature 1998
Big Sandy Power of the 45 Turntable Matinee

The Eliminators Johnny's Noseride Surfin' Sundays 1997
Dash Rip Rock Shootin' Up Signs Recyclone
Hillbilly Hellcats Rockabilly Rebel Our Brand
The Concussions Surf Texas Introducing... The Concussions 2006