Artist Title Album Year
The Aftons A Summer Song …Not Least 2005
The Volcanos Deora Surf Quake 1996
Man... or Astro-man? Nitrous Burn Out Is It... 1993
The Twistin' Tarantulas Hundred Bucks
Johnny Cash One Piece at a Time The Essential Johnny Cash (1955-1983) (disc 3) 1976

The Shadows Man Of Mystery Complete Singles 1959 – 1980 1960
The Cowslingers 18 Wheels To Hell Attack Of The New Killer Surf Guitars 1997
Rocket 350 Monster Truck
Statler Brothers Flowers on the Wall Flowers on the Wall 1965
The Frogmen Underwater Cowabunga Rhino Set, Ground Swells 1961
The Penetrators Night of the Drunken Cheerleaders Kings of the High-Speed Weekend 1996

Satan’s Pilgrims Vampiro Creature Feature 1998
StratoGeezer Surfing and Spying Get Off My Lawn!! 2008
Unknown Hinson Barbie-Q
Deke Dickerson Nightmare of a Woman

The Atlantics The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly For A Few Guitars More 2002
Jerry Reed She Got the Goldmine, I Got the Shaft
Jerry Reed East Bound and Down Smokey and the Bandit 1977
Dick Dale Hava Nagila (updated) Unknown Territory 1994
The Nebulas It's Go! Time It's Go! Time 2004