Artist Title Album Year
The Treble Spankers Mirananda Araban 1994
Roger Miller One Dyin' and A-Buryin' King of the Road (disc 2) 1965
Famous Monsters Murder Beach U.S.A. In The Night! 1998
Chet Atkins City Slicker I've Been Working On The Guitar (The Legend Begins) 1953
Eddie Angel The Black Widow Eddie Angel Plays Link Wray 2006

Lost Acapulco Incógnito Daddy-O Grande en Mexico 2006
Dale Watson ...Loose Nut Behind The Wheel The Truckin' Sessions 1998
Del Reeves Gear Bustin' Sort of a Feller Looking at the World Through a Windshield 1968
The Mariners Lamento A-Turbo Wrong Planet! 2000

The Treble Spankers Dilmohammed Araban 1994
The Madeira Dilmohammed Center of the Surf 2017
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Musical Interlude Explosion of Taste 1988
Ricky Nelson I'm Walkin' Ricky Nelson Greatest Hits 1957
The Rondels On the Run Wax Board and Woodie 1964
The Treble Spankers Araban Araban 1994

Kip Tyler She's My Witch Rockin' Bones (disc 2)
The Bradipos IV Kissin' Bonobo Bill Instro Mania 1999
The Nebulas Retribution The Nebulas 2006