Artist Title Album Year
The Star and Key of the Indian Ocean French Kiss, Tahitii Love Rock N' Roll Fiasco 2003
Roy Clark Golden Slippers The Lightning Fingers of Roy Clark 1963
The Insect Surfers Coolangatta Lyve in the Valley of the Sun 2006
George Jones Things Have Gone to Pieces Love Bug 1966
The Rattlesnakes Caravella Tornado 1995

Southern Culture on the Skids Tunafish Every Day Ditch Diggin' 1994
The Madeira Across the Dunes Sandstorm 2005
Porter Wagoner Company's Comin' Y'all Come 1963
Daikaiju Incognito The Phasing Spider Menace 2003

Surf Report Heptane Heavy Surf 2003
Davie Allan and the Arrows Slip-Stream Moving Right Along 2008
Patsy Cline Heartaches The Patsy Cline Story 1961
The Beloved Invaders Respeto a la Tierra Tamarindo 2005

Red Simpson Runaway Truck Roll, Truck, Roll 1966
The Wanglers Cossack Rider Glass Radio 2003
The Sanddunes Spandito Bandito (live 2000-07-08) Celebration of Life 2000
Two Dollar Pistols Bring the Heartbreak (live) ...Step Right Up! 1998
The Volcanos Half Moon Bay Surf Quake 1996