Artist Title Album Year
Dick Dale Misirlou Surfer's Choice 1961
Jon Byrd Jackknife Byrd's Auto Parts 2007
Famous Monsters Murder Beach U.S.A. In The Night! 1998
Sonoramic Commando Little Precious Happy Motoring 2004
Sonoramic Commando Ft. Knox Happy Motoring 2004

The Nebulas Cosmos 954 It's Go! Time 2004
Dave Dudley One More Mile Truck Drivin' Son of a Gun: The Mercury Hit Singles 1963 - 1973 1969
The Surge! Rippin’ NESMA Directory Sampler Vol. 2 2007
The Surge! Paddle or Die! The Surge! Plays M.o.t.Sa 2013
The Flying Burrito Brothers Sin City Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (disc 1) 1969
Satan’s Pilgrims The Lonely Pilgrim At Home With Satan’s Pilgrims 1995

Rat Holic Surfin' Chihuahua Wipe out with... 2005
Evan Johns and the H-Bombs Boudin Man Bombs Away 1989
Two Dollar Pistols Lonely Avenue (live) ...Step Right Up! 1998
Two Dollar Pistols Bring the Heartbreak On Down the Track 1997
The Wet Tones Tropicana Mucho Reverbo 2004

George McCormick What I'd Give to Hear a Baby Cry White Lightnin' Express
Los Straitjackets Casbah (live) Damas y Caballeros! 2001
The Greaseballs Pistolero Wake Up and Smell The Greaseballs 1999