In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day we, well, talked like pirates. And played some pirate-themed songs.


Artist Title Album Year
Dick Dale Scalped Unknown Territory 1994
Famous Monsters The Haunting of Planet Earth In The Night! 1998
Waylon Jennings Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way The Essential Waylon Jennings
Flat Duo Jets Tell Django

The Alohas The Plank Get Leid With... 2000
The Greaseballs Watery Grave Tombstone Wax 2005
Flat Duo Jets Blackbeard
The Halibuts Thar She Blows
The International Submarine Band Miller's Cave Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (disc 1) 1967

The Surf Riders Rum Runner Lost Legends of Surf Guitar, Volume 3: Cheater Stomp! 1963
The Cocktail Preachers Martini 5-0 The Exotic Moods of... 2005
3 Balls Of Fire The Ecstasy Of Gold For A Few Guitars More 2002
Pollo Del Mar Cutlass Supreme
Sonoramic Commando Makin' the Rounds Happy Motoring 2004

Ernest Tubb Filipino Baby The Texas Troubadour disc 1
Satan’s Pilgrims Devil’s Punchbowl Around The World With Satan’s Pilgrims
The Phantom Surfers Sloth In Molasses Bikini World 1997
The Fathoms Fathomless Bikini World! 1997