Porter Wagoner. This guy has a serious rhinestone collection.

The Chantays. Most famous for Pipeline, but they have a lot of great songs. And they were almost all in high school when they recorded Pipeline!


Artist Title Album Year
The Chantays Pipeline Cowabunga Rhino Set, Ground Swells 1962
Buck Owens and the Buckaroos Pick Me Up On Your Way Down ...Sings Harlan Howard 1961
The Eliminators El Boracho

Porter Wagoner I'll Go Down Swingin' The Thin Man from West Plains 1964
The Chantays Banzai Pipeline 1963
The Surf Trio Salt Bath Forbidden Sounds 1999
Jimmie Rodgers Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Classic Country - Hard to Find Hits
The Bluejays B-A-B-Y Why A Hundred Songs 2006
The Woggles Flash Flood Beyond the Beach 1994
The Nebulas Cosmos 954 It's Go! Time 2004

Porter Wagoner Sorrow Overtakes the Wine The Carroll County Accident 1969
The Sadies Spark Catcher Pure Diamond Gold 1999
The Greaseballs Psycho Surf A Go-Go Tombstone Wax 2005
Laika and the Cosmonauts Don’t Monkey With Tarzan Surfs You Right 1989
Porter Wagoner The Cold Hard Facts of Life The Cold Hard Facts of Life 1967
Bob Luman Let's Think About Living Classic Country - Hard to Find Hits
The Chantays El Conquistador Pipeline 1963

The Chantays Retaliation Two Sides of the Chantays 1965
Jeff and Vida High Load Heavy Load Loaded 2004
The Mel-Tones Surf Before Sunrise Surf Sensation 1998
The Chantays Riders In The Sky Re-plugged 1998
The Penetrators Southern Surf Syndicate Theme Locked and Loaded 2000