What is it?
The Longboards Show is Atlanta's ONLY surf and instrumental radio show.
When and where can I hear it?
Tuesdays at 9pm on 91.1 FM WREK
I'm busy on Tuesday nights! Can I listen online?
Yep. Each show is archived for a week at the WREK website:
  • This week's show in high quality format (128Kb stereo mp3)
  • This week's show in low quality format (24Kb mono mp3)
What kind of surf music do you play? What is surf music?
We play everything from traditional surf music (Dick Dale, The Shadows, The Ventures, The Chantays) to "third generation" (Space Cossacks, Man or Astro-man?, Los Straitjackets) and beyond, as well as early instrumental rock and roll (Link Wray). If you don't know anything about surf music, a great way to learn about it is to listen to the show! I also recommend the article What is surf? by Phil Dirt over at Reverb Central.
I'm in a surf band and we have recorded some music. Will you play it on the radio?
Yes! We're always looking for new music. You can send an album to the studio:
The Longboards Show
WREK 91.1 FM
Georgia Tech Student Radio
350 Ferst Drive NW, Suite 2224
Atlanta, GA 30332-0630
Or you can email us. If you haven't pressed anything yet but you have some recordings, we're happy to get them digitally (provided the recording quality is reasonable).
I'm playing in / organizing / know about a surf, country, or rockabilly show around Atlanta. Will you tell people about it?
Yes! We try to keep listeners up to date on live shows in the area. You can send us an email or call the station during the show (404.894.2468) to let us know the details.
Why is this web site at longboardsandlonghorns.com?
The show started in 2006 as "Longboards and Longhorns", and featured surf, country, and rockabilly music, both instrumental and vocal. Over time and host changes, it has come to focus solely on surf and instrumental music, and the name was changed to "The Longboards Show" to clarify this. Maybe one day we'll even get a new domain!