Artist Title Album Year
Eddie and the Showmen Squad Car Squad Car 1963
Eddie and the Showmen Scratch Squad Car 1963
Bitch Boys Surf Rider Ride The First Wave 2004
Bitch Boys Dark Eyes Ride The First Wave 2004

Davie Allen The Loud, the Loose, and the Savage For A Few Guitars More 2002
The Penetrators Guns Don’t Argue For A Few Guitars More 2002
Bradipos IV Titoli (A Fistful Of Dollars) For A Few Guitars More 2002
The Ghastly Ones Ghastly Stomp Unearthed 2007
The Ghastly Ones Hangman Hangten Unearthed 2007

Agent Orange Miserlou Living In Darkness 1992
Agent Orange Pipeline Living In Darkness 1992
The Barbwires La Caja Del Muerto Searider 2008
The Barbwires Go Go Gasoline Searider 2008

The Mermen Honeybomb The Mermen At The Haunted House 2001
The Aqua Velvets Surfmania Surfmania 1995
The Aqua Velvets Mexican Rooftop Afternoon Surfmania 1995

Davie Allan and the Arrows Apache Live Run 2000
Davie Allan And The Arrows Peter Gunn King Of The Fuzz Guitar 2015