Artist Title Album Year
Paul Johnson and the Packards Kamikaze High Energy! 1986
Jon and the Nightriders Bombora Surf Beat ’80 1980
Jon and the Nightriders Riptide Surf Beat ’80 1980
Dave Myers and the Surftones Church Key Big Surf Vol. II
Dave Myers and the Surftones Smokey Stomper Moment Of Truth 1963

The Fathoms Fathomless Fathomless 2017
The Surf Coasters Reverb 1000 Surfside Village 1995
The Surf Coasters Tsunami Struck Fly Up!: Best of the Surf Coasters Vol. 1 2000
Los Venturas Aloha Summer Aloha Summer 2003
Los Venturas Banshee Bay Aloha Summer 2003

Ralph Rebel Rebel Rouser Surfin' and Rockin’ 2001
Sir Frog and the Toads Mustang It Came From The Beach 1965
The Tiki Tones Night Of The Tikis Suburban Savage
The Sand Devils Cascadia The Sand Devils 2011
The Sand Devils Feathers Of The Crow The Sand Devils 2011

The Man From RavCon Echo Canyon Il Triello 2012
The Bomboras Land Of The One Percenters Head Shrinkin' Fun 1998
The Bomboras War Of The Satellites Head Shrinkin' Fun 1998
The Madeira Burning Mirage Sandstorm 2005
The Sentinals Exotic Big Surf Vol. II
The Sidemen Der Kommissar The Continental Magazine Issue #17 2010