Artist Title Album Year
The Necronomikids Popcorn Necronomikids 2009
The Surf Coasters Clash Anthology: 20th Anniversary Collection CD1,Track 9 2014
The Aqua Velvets Hawaiian Blue Radio Waves 2001
The Ghastly Ones Banshee Beach The Ghastly Ones Of Filmland

Daddy-O Grande Tamales Oaxaquenos Mexican Chili Taco Fiesta 2009
Daikaiju Incognito Daikaiju 2004
Insect Surfers Insect Stomp Reverb Sun 1991
Dick Dale Surf Buggy Dick Dale at the Drags 1963
Roger and the Wraybands Moon Relay Roger and the Wraybands 2008
Satan's Pilgrims Shit Sandwich Plymouth Rock: The Best of Satan's Pilgrims CD1 1995

The Secret Samurai Dastardly Deeds Gun Sho Gun 2008
Los Straitjackets Swampfire ¡Viva Los Straitjackets! 1996
The Surfites Little Rocket Mill Escapades In Space 2008
The Boss Martians XKE! Bikini World! 1997
The Ultras The Ultra Factor Attack Of The New Killer Surf Guitars 1997

The Surf Coasters Beach Picnic Surf Attack 2003
3 Balls of Fire Lonely Bull Surfin' Se├▒orita 1999
Insect Surfers Volcano Juice (live 2000-07-08) Celebration of Life 2000
The Looney Tunes Desert Bound Cowabunga! - Set 4 - New Waves (1977-1995)